Petition a Study Abroad Course

How to Petition a Course 

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Want to petition a study abroad course to fulfill a UMD liberal education requirement? First, look for the course in the Study Abroad Course Database and make sure that it hasn’t already been approved to fulfill a liberal education category.

  • If the course hasn’t yet been reviewed at UMD, you must have the course reviewed. Use the Study Abroad Course Evaluation form.
  • If the course has been reviewed but is not equivalent to a UMD course, then you may submit a petition (see the instructions below)

Liberal Education Petition Process Instructions

  1. If a study abroad course was reviewed as not being equivalent to a particular UMD course, then obtain the syllabus and course review documentation (communication from the Office of the Registrar or review results from the Study Abroad Course Database).
  2. Complete the Academic Petition Form (Petition for academic policy or tuition refund for UMD students) form

To petition a course for reasons other than liberal education requirements, contact your respective college’s advising office.