Petition a Study Abroad Course

How to Petition a Course 

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Want to petition a study abroad course to fulfill a UMD liberal education requirement? First, look for the course in the Study Abroad Course Database and make sure that it hasn’t already been approved to fulfill a liberal education category.

  • If the course hasn’t yet been reviewed at UMD, you must have the course reviewed. See the Academic Planning Form to get a course reviewed.
  • If the course has been reviewed but is not equivalent to a UMD liberal education category, then you may submit a petition (see the instructions below)

Liberal Education Petition Process Instructions

  1. If a study abroad course does not fulfill a liberal education category, make note of and/or print the study abroad course review result.
  2. NOTICE: Please use this COVID-19 Petition Form Until Further Notice (updated 5/20/20)
  3. Download and complete the Academic Petition form. (Use the online form above, in lieu of PDF download until further notice)
    1. Complete section A – “student information.”
    2. Explain your request and indicate that the course you are petitioning has already been reviewed. Include the result of the original review and the syllabus.
    3. State the liberal education category/categories you are petitioning the study abroad course to fulfill.
    4. Leave the ‘add and cancel classes’ section blank.
    5. Complete section C.
  4. Bring the completed form, a copy of the syllabus, and the original review results to your collegiate unit’s Advising and Academic Services office as indicated on the form. (Your collegiate unit is the college that houses your major. e.g. College of Liberal Arts, Labovitz School of Business and Economics, etc.)
  5. Your collegiate unit will complete section B of the petition form and send your petition and any additional documentation to the Associate Vice Chancellor for Undergraduate Education for review. The result of your petition will be sent to you by either the Office of the Registrar or your collegiate unit.
  6. This process can take up to 2 weeks or longer, depending on the time of year.
  7. For petitions that are approved, the Office of the Registrar will make the adjustment to your APAS. The Study Abroad office will be informed and the result will be added to the Study Abroad Course Database.

To petition a course for reasons other than liberal education requirements, contact your respective collegiate unit.