Affiliate Programs

Affiliate Programs 

Study abroad organizations administer affiliate programs. If you participate in an affiliate program, you will receive the majority of support and services from their organization, however, you will also receive support from the UMD Study Abroad office. Credits will be posted as resident credit and on-site support and staff are from the affiliate organization.

Affiliate Partnership Organizations 

  • AIFS American Institute for Foreign Study
  • API Academic Programs International
  • ASA Academic Studies Abroad
  • CEA Study Abroad Cultural Experiences Abroad
  • CisAbroad Center for International Studies
    • USAC University Studies Abroad Consortium
    • WorldStrides - Educational Travel & Experiences:
      • ISA International Studies Abroad
      • TEAN The Education Abroad Network (ISA sister organization)

    How do I apply to an affiliate study abroad program?

    1. Use your UMD login and password for the online application; then provide the following information: 
      1. Center Name: UMD Study Abroad
      2. Education Abroad Term: Term of your program (e.g. Fall Semester/Year)
      3. Country: Country your program takes place
    2. You then will be prompted to select a program from an automated list
    3. Click on “I don’t see my program. I will enter the information.” Prepare to provide the following info:

    Type of Program: Select type from the drop-down
    Program Name: Include the name of the program exactly as it appears on the affiliate web page. (Include any specific term information, for example, early start or "French Language & Liberal Arts – Institut Catholique de Paris, Fall 2A 2024")
    Sponsor: Name of Affiliate – ASA, AIFS, API, CEA, CISAbroad, ISA, TEAN, or USAC
    Host Institution: Name of host university (if applicable)
    City: Location of your program
    Country: Location of your program
    Education Abroad Term: Term of your program (e.g. Spring Semester/Year)
    UofM campus that offers the program: Univ. Minnesota, Duluth
    Center Name: UMD Study Abroad