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The UMN Global Programs & Strategy Alliance (GPSA), will provide the most current information on international travel

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Our study abroad programs around the world comply with local public health recommendations, as well as the recommended standards of the University of Minnesota.


Study Abroad Programming

The University of Minnesota Duluth continues to closely monitor developments related to COVID-19 and any variants. We assess new information as it becomes available from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the World Health Organization, and are vigilantly watching the status of worldwide travel. 

Study Abroad Coordinators will be in contact with applicants throughout the process. Decisions about whether programs will run are being made on a program-by-program basis. Applicants will be notified via email if their program is canceled.



How do I prepare for study abroad?

When to apply

Don't wait until the last minute! Due to the pandemic, there are additional steps to study abroad that our expert staff will walk you through. Start the study abroad process as early as possible to allow time in navigating these additional steps. You should meet with your UMD Study Abroad Program Coordinator before applying to a program.

Planning to go abroad 

Create a parallel plan; one plan if you will be able to go abroad, and another if you will not be able to go abroad. This includes registering for classes at UMD for your intended term abroad and considering housing options in case your study abroad program is canceled.


The content of this webpage will be updated regularly. Continue to check back for new information.


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Will I be charged fees if my program is canceled prior to the start date?

  • UMD Application Fee - if your program is canceled by UMD or the program provider (e.g. the foreign university), active participants will receive a full refund of the UMD application fee to your student account.
  • UMD Confirmation Deposit - if you are an active participant that has submitted your UMD Confirmation of Participation form (required for this deposit to be charged) and your program is canceled by UMD or the program provider, you will receive a full refund of the UMD confirmation deposit to your student account.
  • Host University or Program Provider Fees - If payments are required by you to your host university or program provider, make sure you understand their cancellation policies as they may differ from UMD. If you need assistance with this or are unsure, contact your UMD Study Abroad Coordinator.
  • Fees Paid on Your Behalf - If non-recoverable payments are made by our office on your behalf, these charges cannot be refunded. See the Cancellation Refund Policy for more details.

Is my program running?

The availability of study abroad programs is impacted by different factors including; the University of Minnesota’s restrictions on international travel, the reopening of borders, travel guidance, and the lifting of travel restrictions by the US Department of State. UMD Study Abroad continues to gather information from these entities, and is working towards the goal of offering a full portfolio of programs.

Most programs are planned to run moving forward. Program updates will be communicated to applicants and program pages will be updated.

Programs in locations that have been designated by the US Department of State with a Level 3 or 4 travel advisory, must receive approval from the University. UMD Study Abroad staff will communicate further details about this process to applied students.

The University's International Travel Risk Assessment and Advisory Committee (ITRAAC) makes the decisions on whether or not programs will be offered. While we are preparing to offer programs with ITRAAC approval, the approval is contingent upon the absence of international travel restrictions from the University of Minnesota, a review/reaffirmation of the approval if the advisory changes before departure, and if public health developments in the country change enough to necessitate further review.

Once a program is approved, you will receive more information about booking airline tickets and preparing for departure. You should not book airline tickets or make non-refundable deposits until you receive information about this from your Study Abroad Coordinator.

Program updates will be communicated to students who have applied and program pages will be updated.

Can I travel during my program?

Travel is not permitted to locations that have been designated by the US Department of State with a Level 3 or 4 travel advisory.

If you choose to travel to a Level 1 or 2 country during your program, be aware of any entry requirements for country you'll visit, as well as reentry requirements for your host country.  If a country you are visiting increases to a Level 3 or 4, you must make plans to immediately return to your host country.

All personal travel, even within your host country, (overnight or longer) must be submitted to UMD Study Abroad. Details on how to do this will be provided to all participants.


Will I need to submit new course reviews if I study abroad in a different term?

  • It depends on your program. 
    • It’s always recommended to check the Study Abroad Course Database.
    • Some course reviews that were in the Study Abroad Course Database may have expired and you will now need to get them reviewed
  • For some study abroad programs, there will be no need to get additional courses reviewed because they will be offered in the same term you intend to study abroad 
  • For others, the courses you were planning to take may not be offered during a different term and you will need to get a new set of courses reviewed.  

What will happen to my UMD scholarship if my program is canceled?

Study abroad scholarships must be applied to an approved study abroad program. Therefore, if your program is canceled, your UMD Study Abroad scholarship will be rescinded. You will need to submit a new scholarship application if you apply for a different term.

What do non-UMN students need to be aware of if studying on a UMD study abroad program?

  • Please see details about UMD’s Vaccination requirements. With the FDA approval of the COVID-19 vaccine, UMD students must either submit their vaccination information or submit documentation of a religious or medical exemption. 
  • Because UMD Study Abroad and its students abroad are an extension of the university, a proof of COVID-19 vaccination documentation will be required via our online checklist. This checklist item MUST be completed in order to participate in a UMD study abroad program.

Who can I meet with for further questions?