Academics Before You Go

How to register for classes abroad

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UMD Study Abroad will assist you in planning your academics abroad. In addition to our support, you'll meet with your academic department(s) and professional or faculty advisor when selecting your courses abroad. They will be able to guide you in selecting courses that will count toward your degree. Be flexible when selecting coursework abroad; all courses advertised may not be available during your term abroad. Students are encouraged to choose more courses than they plan to take in case courses are or become unavailable. 

Registration for Study Abroad

Our office will grant you permission to register yourself at UMD for a block of study abroad credits. You’ll register for the following number of credits based on your semester/term abroad:

  • Semester & year programs: 12 or 15 credits/semester
  • UMD faculty-led programs: the exact number of credits as indicated online for your specific program
  • Short-term programs: the exact number of credits you will enroll in abroad
  • International Student Teaching:  6 or 9 credits, depending on your placement

When grades are received from the foreign university or study abroad program provider, the study abroad courses are added to your transcript with the Foreign Studies level designator (FORS XXXX). APAS reports will be amended by the respective collegiate advising office and/or the UMD Office of the Registrar.

Course Selection

It is important to choose your courses prior to departure. Find course information on the foreign university or program provider website. Work with your professional or faculty advisor to find the best fit for your degree requirements, and look at the Academic Planning page for more info about this process. Be aware that programs may have specific minimum and maximum course enrollment requirements. Each semester, you must take at least the equivalent load of a full-time student (12 credits). Short-term program participants do not need to be at full-time status (6 credits) unless your program requires it, or you are eligible for and want to use financial aid.

Study Abroad & Liberal Education Global Perspectives Category 

Successful completion of one of the following Study Abroad Programs—fulfills the Global Perspectives category within the Liberal Education Program:

  • UMD, co-sponsored, or affiliate semester or year-long program
  • UMD faculty-led program (less than a semester, typically 3 weeks long)
  • UMD, co-sponsored, or affiliate short-term program that includes a Global Perspectives Liberal Education course listed in the UMD Study Abroad Course Database

Study abroad course reviews & equivalencies 

For information regarding how your courses abroad will transfer back to UMD, see the Study Abroad Course Database. This database includes courses that UMD students have taken abroad in the past 5 years.

Hold on Student Account

If you have a hold on your student account, you will not be able to register for study abroad. Even when you are abroad, you are responsible for clearing holds on your account. Our office cannot remove holds, so be sure to:

  • Inform your academic advisor when you will be abroad
  • Schedule required advisor meetings appropriately
  • Meet with a financial aid advisor to ensure that all financial matters are taken care of before you leave