Program Types

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Program Types

Study Abroad programs offered at the University of Minnesota Duluth have been strategically developed and evaluated for academic standards, student support, safety requirements, and overall quality. Program types are described below:

UMD Programs 

UMD Semester & Year Programs: 

We partner and work directly with universities abroad to offer semester and year-long options all around the world. Our office develops, administers, and evaluates these experiences. You’ll receive support and services during the entire process from our campus office, and most credits will be posted as resident credit. When at the university abroad, on-site support and staff will be provided by the host university.

UMD Short-term Programs:

  • UMD Summer Programs: Summer programs are structured the same as semester and year programs above, but are shorter in length (typically 1–2 months). Most credits will be posted as resident credit. 
  • UMD Faculty-led Programs: Led by UMD faculty and/or staff, these programs typically run during semester breaks (May, Summer, or Winter Break) and are catered to specific subject areas. 
  • International Student Teaching Programs: These programs are run in collaboration with the College of Education and Human Service Professions (CEHSP). Education majors eligible for student teaching may participate (including Unified Early Childhood Education, Integrated Elementary Special Education, and Secondary Education).

Affiliate Programs

We partner with affiliate study abroad organizations to offer additional semester, year, and short-term study abroad locations all over the globe. Students will receive support from both our staff and the affiliate program provider staff. For affiliate programs featured on our website, students will work more closely with UMD staff—and for locations outside of what we feature on our website, the majority of support services will come from affiliate staff. Staff and on-site support for these programs are provided by the affiliate organization. Most credits will be posted as resident credit.

Affiliate Partnership Study Abroad Organizations:

  • AIFS American Institute for Foreign Study
  • API Academic Programs International
  • ASA Academic Studies Abroad
  • CEA Study Abroad Cultural Experiences Abroad
  • CIS Abroad Center for International Studies
  • ISA International Studies Abroad
  • TEAN The Education Abroad Network
  • USAC University Studies Abroad Consortium

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UMD Collegiate Programs

Your college (CEHSP, CAHSS, LSBE, SCSE) may offer further international educational opportunities that aren’t currently listed through our office, so don’t hesitate to check with your department to see if other opportunities are available. 

Non-Affiliate Programs

Non-affiliate programs are not vetted or approved by UMD study abroad, collegiate units, or departments. For additional information, view the non-affiliate webpage.