Study Abroad 101

Study Abroad 101

Study Abroad 101

All are welcome! At this session, you’ll get the undivided attention of a returned UMD study abroad student. They'll fill you in about their experience and go over the nuts and bolts of study abroad. The session lasts about 45 minutes, which includes time to ask questions and engage in conversation. We’ll cover:

  • When and where you can go
  • Academic Planning
  • Scholarships & Financial Planning
  • How to apply

Study Abroad 101 in the Summer

Our in-person (or Zoom), student-led, sessions will resume on Tue. & Wed. at noon during the academic year, however, you may:

Schedule a 1-on-1 Appointment 

    Watch the Video Presentation

    The video presentation is about 15 minutes long and you may watch it at your convenience. If you have additional questions, we welcome and encourage you to make an appointment with our staff.

    Download copies of presentation info