Study Abroad Program Learning Outcomes

Study Abroad Program Learning Outcomes

As a result of participating in a study abroad program sponsored by UMD International Programs & Services, students will:

1) Demonstrate self-confidence toward cultural experiences

  • Feel confident in interacting with people from another culture who hold different interests, values, or perspectives.
  • Feel comfortable having intellectual discussions about international issues with family, friends, or classmates.
  • Confidently relate cultural experiences to their academic major(s).
  • Have tools to effectively explain how cultural experiences relate to job-related skills.
  • Succeed in traveling to or living in the host country for a future job if necessary.

2) Demonstrate awareness of one's own cultural values and biases

  • Understand how cultural values impact views.
  • Learn how culture could bias thinking about other people, places, and things.
  • Reflect upon cultural values and how they shape thoughts and behaviors.
  • Realize how culture can influence ways of thinking.

3) Demonstrate a global mindset and appreciation for cultural differences

  • Learn what being a “global citizen” means in a meaningful way.
  • Know the importance of understanding global perspectives.
  • Learn about the host country’s culture from their perspectives.
  • Understand how their decisions and behaviors could be perceived by individuals from another country.
  • Reflect on how a study abroad experience can broaden ways of thinking about other people, places, and things.

The three study abroad program learning outcomes align with the Campus Learning Goals and Outcomes: Undergraduate #5, Demonstrate self-knowledge across a range of developmental areas.

View the Study Abroad Assessment Plan here.