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Required International Travel, Health, & Security Coverage

The University of Minnesota requires mandatory international travel, health, and security coverage for ALL participants in education abroad opportunities. Most students going on a University of Minnesota or affiliated program through UMD Study Abroad are enrolled in an insurance plan automatically. The cost of this insurance is $50 per month (subject to change). The length of enrollment and cost varies based on the international program or activity. 

UMD Study Abroad Program Participants
The cost of international travel, health, and security insurance is included in the UMD program fee for UMD study abroad programs. Students are automatically enrolled by their study abroad coordinator.

Study Abroad Participants on Affiliate Programs (through UMD Study Abroad)
Students participating in UMD study abroad, affiliate, and non-affiliate programs are automatically enrolled by study abroad coordinators. The cost is billed to their student account. Students participating in UMN programs through another campus will be enrolled and billed for insurance through that campus.

Students Not Working with UMD Study Abroad
All University of Minnesota students are required to enroll in international health, safety, and security insurance for any international travel for University purposes as per the University’s policy Student Travel and Education Abroad: Health and Safety. To fulfill the requirements if you are not participating in a program offered by UMD Study Abroad, you will enroll in the insurance plan as part of the required student international travel registration process.

Study Abroad Insurance Enrollment

When our staff enrolls students in international insurance, students will subsequently receive an email allowing them to log in and view the detailed policy, print an insurance card and resources with coverage dates, and access further international health and safety information. View our current international travel, health, and security coverage policies for the University of Minnesota.

In order to minimize the need for on-site medical and dental expenses, we strongly encourage students to see a doctor and dentist prior to departure. Since most insurance plans require that services be paid for upfront and reimbursed later, we also advise students to budget money for unexpected medical situations while abroad.

Insurance coverage will start 3 days before, and end 3 days after, program dates. If you plan to spend extra time overseas before or after your program, we strongly encourage you to purchase adequate insurance to cover that time. Our current insurance policy will allow students, staff, and faculty to purchase up to 30 days of insurance beyond the dates of the University of Minnesota coverage. You can add and pay for additional coverage if needed.

Information about coverage is subject to change.

For the most up-to-date information, contact our current provider, Cultural Insurance Services International (CISI).

Cultural Insurance Services International (CISI)
1 High Ridge Park
Stamford, CT 06905, USA
Phone: (203) 399-5130

The University of Minnesota also requires students to maintain their US health insurance whenever enrolled, including while participating in education abroad opportunities.

The travel, health, and security insurance coverage provided through the University of Minnesota is specifically exempt from the requirements of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) and was not intended to, and does not satisfy, a person’s obligation to secure minimum essential coverage beginning in 2014 under the ACA. The University encourages travelers to consult with their legal counsel or tax advisor for information on their obligations under the ACA.

During program participation, should a student require medical attention that requires long-term care, the seamless use of U.S. health insurance will be in place to cover subsequent stateside medical expenses. Students may find it difficult to purchase a health plan if they return with what the insurance companies consider a pre-existing condition. If students have special insurance needs, or if they plan any personal travel before, during, or after the program, they are responsible for the coverage. Students are responsible for ensuring that they have adequate insurance coverage for their particular circumstances.

Worldwide Trip Protector Plus

Students are encouraged to explore additional insurance benefits such as Worldwide Trip Protector Plus which includes Cancel for Any Reason (CFAR) and Interrupt for Any Reason (IFAR). These additional benefits may provide added protection to unanticipated expenses due to trip cancellation, trip delay, trip interruption, and more. 

These benefits may require students to enroll within a specific time frame after paying a program confirmation fee. 

These benefits are not a requirement to participate in University of Minnesota study abroad programs. It is the student’s responsibility to understand policy coverage and enroll if they choose.

Student Health Benefit Plan

Students participating in a University of Minnesota (Duluth or another campus) Student Health Benefit Plan for the previous term will automatically be enrolled in the Student Health Benefit Plan for their study abroad experience unless they submit and are approved for a waiver. Contact the Office of Student Health Benefits for more information.

Personal Belongings Insurance

  • Check with your family homeowners’ policy to find out whether your personal belongings are covered if a loss were to occur. 
  • If they aren't covered, consider purchasing a policy that would cover your personal possessions while abroad.