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Program Locations

We’ve worked with campus partners to create a comprehensive list of quality academic programs in a wide variety of locations all over the globe. 

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We have a variety of semester, year-long, and short-term programs. In addition to programs we’ve developed directly with universities abroad, we collaborate with affiliate study abroad providers to cosponsor programs. Have a look at our map and click on the pins to learn more about each program!

UMD Study Abroad Programs

Program Lengths

UMD Semester & Year Programs >

These programs are for those who want more of an independent experience abroad. They are a great option for those who want to immerse themselves in another culture, have more time to explore and travel, and truly see what it's like to be a student in another country. We have a variety of programs to fit the major areas of study at UMD.

UMD Summer Programs >

These programs, like semester programs, are ones where you would go abroad independently to the university abroad for a shorter period of time during the summer term. 

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UMD Faculty-Led Programs > 

These programs are led by UMD faculty and typically offer one course from an existing academic department at UMD. Courses are offered during May, Summer, and Winter Break terms and range from 3–6 credits. All programs can count towards your Global Liberal Education Requirement! Most programs welcome students from all majors and minors. Details about academics and prerequisites are available on each program webpage. Programs vary year to year in regards to subject matter and location, and the length is typically between 2–6 weeks. 

2023 May & Summer Faculty-led Programs

  • AUSTRALIA - International Business Down Under | International Business - INTB 3211
  • CHINA - Business & Economics in China | International Business - INTB 4201 
  • CHINA - Language & Culture in China | Chinese Area Studies - CHIN 1399
  • DENMARK & SWEDEN - Nordic Art & Design | Art & Design - ART 3095
  • JAMAICA - Jamaica: Roots & Rebellion | African & African American Studies - AAAS 3005
  • MOROCCO - Undergraduate Research Study Abroad (URSA) - Morocco | UST-4917
  • NEW ZEALAND - Marine Biology in New Zealand | Biology - BIOL 3761
  • SPAIN - Language, Business, or Health in Spain | Spanish Studies - SPAN 3894, 3190, or 3290 

UMD International Student Teaching

A great way to fulfill student teaching requirements for UMD education majors is to participate in one of UMD’s International Student Teaching programs. The College of Education and Human Service Professions' (CEHSP) Department of Education and International Programs & Services collaborate to offer programs. Program locations include:

  • Croatia
  • Mexico
  • Slovenia
  • South Korea


  • How long can I study abroad? You can study abroad for a semester, year, or on a short-term program (winter break or May/summer term). Some students study abroad more than once!
  • How do I apply? The entire application process is online. Steps vary depending on the program. Visit individual program web pages for specific instructions. Note that most programs have an application fee. UMD’s study abroad application fee is $50.
  • What can I study? Almost anything! There are a variety of subject areas offered in most programs making it possible to find something to suit your major. You can fulfill Liberal Education requirements, degree requirements, or take electives. Bonus: enrolling in specified UMD study abroad programs fulfills the Global Perspectives Liberal Education requirement at UMD! Browse our Study Abroad Course Database to see which classes past students have taken abroad and begin the academic planning process early.
  • Will I receive academic credit for my studies abroad? Yes. You’ll receive academic credit for all coursework you complete abroad. 
  • How much does studying abroad cost? Costs vary! We offer programs that cost less than, the same as, and more than what you pay at UMD. Browse program costs on any specific study abroad program page. Use our budget planning tool to plan and compare costs at UMD and abroad.
  • Does financial aid apply? Yes. Financial aid may apply to study abroad costs. Check out more info about financial aid and study abroad. (Note: you must be a degree-seeking student to receive financial aid.)
  • Do I need to know another language? No. While we encourage learning a new language and phrases in the language of your host country, all programs in all of our locations offer courses taught in English (with the exception of language programs).
  • When is the best time to study abroad? You can study abroad any time after freshman year (or completing 24 college credits, post completion of high school)—even as soon as the summer after your first year! Be sure to check with your academic or professional advisor to determine the best time frame for you to study abroad. You may apply to a program during freshman year but must have completed freshman year in good standing to participate

If you are curious about alternative program options, please visit our program types page for further information.