Study Abroad Program Costs

Fees Billed to Your UMD Account



When is it billed?

Non-refundable Application Fee$50After submission of your UMD application
Non-refundable Confirmation Deposit (applied to program fee)$400After submission of the UMD Confirmation of Participation Form
Program fee (See program webpages for specific program fee)VariesAccording to the UMD billing schedule, prior to the start of each semester*
UMD Study Abroad Fee*VariesAccording to the UMD billing schedule, prior to the start of each semester*
Mandatory International Insurance**VariesAccording to the UMD billing schedule, prior to the start of each semester*

All fees are subject to change

Note: housing for some programs may be billed through your UMD account, see program webpage for details.

  1. Winter Session programs are posted with Spring semester billing. May Session programs are posted with Summer session billing.
  2. *Included in the program fee for Faculty-led programs and International Student Teaching
  3. **Included in the program fee for Faculty-led programs


Out-of-Pocket Expenses

All study abroad programs will have additional expenses that are not included in the program fee or billed to your student account. Many out-of-pocket expenses are unique to a program, but a few examples of expenses are listed below:

  • Travel documents
  • Passport
  • (If required) Visa or Residence Permit and/or Consulate/Embassy visit
  • Vaccinations (if required)
  • Round-trip transportation
  • Textbooks 
  • Local transportation
  • Personal expenses 
  • Meals
  • Housing (Note: Check program web pages to see if this is billed to your UMD student account).
  • Housing security deposits
  • Upgrade costs (such as single-room housing or optional tours)

Cost Estimates:

View estimated study abroad costs >

A cost estimate is viewable on this spreadsheet and is linked on each program web page. If you do not see a cost estimate for the term you intend to go abroad, the cost has not yet been determined. 

Cost estimates and fees may change depending on international economic factors. Our office delays the posting of final fees until enrollments, inflation, and exchange rates are determined in order to provide the most accurate pricing. We strive to post final fees by November 1 for Spring programs, April 1 for May/Summer programs, and June 15 for Fall and Academic year programs.

What does study abroad cost?

Money plant in cup of coins

View estimated study abroad program costs >