Eligibility Policies

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In general, programs are open to students 18 years or older enrolled as degree-seeking students at an accredited university or college who are:

  • in good academic standing,
  • not on disciplinary probation, and
  • do not have any holds on their record preventing them from registering

See below for specific eligibility policies. For eligibility information about a specific program, contact the UMD Study Abroad staff member listed on the bottom of that program's page.

Direct Enrollment

Affiliate organizations and partner universities will not accept applications from UMD students without the endorsement of UMD Study Abroad. Students participate in affiliate organizations and partner university programs through the standard Study Abroad application process. 

Academic Probation

Students are expected to remain in good academic standing during the term prior to their study abroad experience. Students not in good academic standing may be disqualified from participation. Students on academic suspension may not participate in a study abroad program.

Students should notify UMD Study Abroad as early as possible if there is a possibility that they will be on academic probation during the term of their study abroad experience. Study Abroad staff will consult with the student’s academic advisor and academic department to determine if the student will be allowed to participate, and under what parameters (if any).

Disciplinary Probation

Our office reviews applicant records with the Office of Student Conduct and Conflict Resolution. Failure to disclose previous offenses during the application process may negatively impact a student's ability to participate in a program and could be grounds for dismissal. Students on disciplinary probation or with a disciplinary record will be considered for a study abroad program on a case-by-case basis. Students with minor offenses typically are approved to participate. Students with more serious cases may be required to fulfill additional requirements and in some cases may not be allowed to participate.


Students must clear any holds on their UMD student record prior to their departure by working directly with the office that issued the hold. Holds can prevent study abroad registration, study abroad credit from being processed, and financial aid (if applicable) from being released. Study Abroad coordinators are not able to clear or override holds for students. Students will not be allowed to participate in a program if they are unable to register because of a hold on their record.

Class Standing

Program eligibility is determined by class standing, which varies by program. Class standing is defined by the number of credits and is based on University of Minnesota Duluth definitions. Students may participate anytime after freshman year (or completing 24 college credits post completion of high school). Students may apply to a program during freshman year but must have completed freshman year in good standing, to participate in the program.

Some programs may have eligibility requirements in addition to class standing, in which case students must have completed a certain number of credits or terms at UMD prior to participation in the program, regardless of the total number of credits the student might have earned from other institutions or as a PSEO/College in the Schools student.

Graduate Students

Some programs are open to graduate students, but the majority offer only undergraduate credit.

Minors Under the Age of 18

Students must be 18 years old at the time of participation. Students can apply when they are under 18 but may need a parent/guardian signature on application and enrollment forms. 

Non-Affiliate Programs

The non-affiliate program process exists to facilitate participation in a program or at an institution that UMD does not have a contractual relationship with. In these cases, students are obligated to use the non-affiliate program process. The non-affiliate program process is not available for programs/institutions where there is an existing UMD partnership. This process is also not available for non-affiliate programs whose dates conflict with the academic calendar for a required term on campus (fall and spring semester).


Applicants who previously attended UMD or another higher education institution, but are not currently attending one, are eligible to apply for some programs administered by UMD Study Abroad. Non-students would not be considered for exchange or host university study programs but may be able to apply to a short-term faculty-led program or affiliate program. Non-students interested in affiliated programs may work directly with the affiliated program provider to participate in one of their programs. If the program is administered by another UofM college or department, check with that office for eligibility rules. Applicants will not be eligible for scholarships or financial aid through UMD.

Recently Graduated Students

Students planning to study abroad the term immediately after they graduate will be considered non-degree seeking students, which may impact eligibility for specific study abroad programs and eligibility for federal and state financial aid. See the Non-Students section above for more details.

First Term UMD Students

First-year degree-seeking undergraduate students are prohibited from studying abroad during their first term at UMD, during fall and spring semester.

Students new to UMD have a lot to learn about the institution and how to navigate it, both physically and administratively. Given the required orientations, registrations, and holds on the student account, it is not feasible to be off-campus as many of these requirements are not able to be fulfilled while abroad. Transfer students from other institutions are also discouraged from studying abroad during their first term at UMD for the same reasons.

Students with extenuating circumstances may request an exception by emailing their study abroad program coordinator including the reasons for the request and proof of support from their college/departmental adviser.