Grades & Transcripts

Below are the different procedures for how grades are posted based on your program. Contact the UMD Study Abroad office with further questions.

UMD Programs: UMD, Cosponsored, & Affiliate

To ensure timely posting of grades following your study abroad program, confirm these two steps:

  1. Your courses abroad have been reviewed and approved.
  2. The foreign institution/program provider issues an official transcript to the UMD Study Abroad office.

Once the official transcript is received, the Study Abroad office will process and send the documents to the UMD Office of the Registrar for posting to your UMD transcript. The foreign course title, equivalent credits, and equivalent grade will be listed on your UMD transcript with a notation of where you studied abroad and if courses were taught in another language.

UMD Short-term Programs

You will register yourself for the course/credits of the UMD short-term program in which you are participating. After you complete your program, the program leader will post your grade to your UMD transcript. You do not need to complete the course review process.

UMN System Programs 

In most cases, the coordinate campus (Twin Cities, Crookston, or Morris) offering your program will post your grades. Note: Courses must be reviewed and approved at UMD, not at the coordinate campus.


UMD Study Abroad Programs | Transcripts are automatically sent to the UMD Study Abroad office for most UMD Study Abroad programs. Make sure you are aware of this process for your specific program. If you need to complete a request for your transcript, have your transcript sent to the UMD Study Abroad office at:

UMD Study Abroad
University of Minnesota Duluth
138 Kirby Plaza
1208 Kirby Drive
Duluth, MN 55812

Note: Upon receipt of your transcript, our office will send the official copy to the Registrar. If you want a copy of your official study abroad transcript, it is your responsibility to request an additional copy from your host university or program provider. If you do not mind having a scanned copy of the original, contact our office.