Episode 6: Faculty-led Program - Experiencing Italy: Art, Art History, & Music

In this Faculty-led Study Abroad series episode, we’ll introduce you to Associate Professor Dr. Jennifer Webb and Assistant Professor Betsy Hunt from the Department of Art and Design, along with Associate Dean Dr. Jefferson Campbell who is in the Department of Music. They'll talk about their exciting study abroad program opportunity (which is open to students of any major), Experiencing Italy: Art, Art History, and Music which will investigate the country's rich heritage in the arts. In this episode, we’ll get to know why the program leaders love what they do, and what it is that they are most excited to teach in their course abroad. Listen on Apple PodcastsSpotify, or other platforms listed on this page. We are working on providing a transcript of this podcast and will post it as soon as it's ready.

EPISODE 6: Experiencing Italy: Art, Art History, & Music. Download the MP3 File