Episode 9: Faculty-led Program - Jamaica Roots & Rebellion

In this Faculty-led Study Abroad Program series episode, we’ll get to know David Woodward, one of the leaders of our “Jamaica: Roots & Rebellion” study abroad program. He has a diverse background and teaches a variety of courses in History, American Indian Studies, and African and African American Studies. This program provides the opportunity to explore cultural heritage sites that attest to the Jamaican experiences of oppression, resistance, and rebellion—while examining Jamaica’s history through literature, politics, and its world-famous music. Not only will students get to experience the beautiful island of Jamaica, but many will find the themes and content of this course very relevant today. Learn more about the course at z.umn.edu/JamaicaRoots. Listen to this episode on podcast platforms listed on this page. View this video for closed captioning.

EPISODE 9: Jamaica: Roots & Rebellion. Download the MP3 File.